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Be nice and don’t be a d**k - Our new house rules

Super Saturday, Independents Day - whatever you call it, it’s now been some time since we opened our doors on the 4th July after over three months in lockdown. To say it was a weird feeling would be understatement of the year, but for all of us, as well as all of you, things have definitely changed.

Overall we’ve been overwhelmed by the support you guys have shown us. Almost everyone who’s visited since we’ve been open has been massively cooperative, supportive and generally really lovely, and we’re hugely grateful for it. So whilst we’re not ones to dwell on the negatives, we, like many of our fellow bars and restaurants, definitely noticed that there was a bit of push back from some people, especially after a few drinks and the excitement of being back in a bar. We know it’s going to take a bit of time for all of us to adjust, so we wanted to give you a quick rundown of how you can help us help you when it comes to keeping everyone safe, and ultimately, keeping our venues open for you to enjoy.

Book a table

Booking a table allows us to manage the number of people in the venue at any one time, which allows us to adhere to social distancing rules and keep everyone safe - simple as that. You can book in advance on our website, by giving us a call or dropping us an email.

Know the numbers

The current guidelines state that you can meet up in groups of up to six people from different households. However, if you are meeting another group who all live in the same household, you can meet in bigger groups. You can currently book for up to 6 people on our website, but if you want to book for a bigger group you’ll need to give us a call or drop us an email, as we’ll need to take a bit more information from you.

Details, details, details

In line with the current law, we need to collect contact details from everyone who visits to allow us to track and trace any potential cases. Please don’t be offended when we ask for your details - at the moment it’s simply what we have to do to - but rest assured all your details are kept securely and destroyed after 21 days

Musical chairs

As tempting as it is to pull up a chair when you spot someone you know across the bar, we’d love it if you could leave the furniture where it is - we’ve spent a lot of time placing everything to ensure we’re adhering to the government guidelines

Hyde & Co Covid-19 Manifesto
Download PDF • 486KB


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