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The Milk Thistle

A venue for the discerning drinker, The Milk Thistle is the sister of Bristol’s original Prohibition bar, Hyde & Co.

Spread across four floors and hidden in plain view right on the city centre The Milk Thistle is a haven of stunning architecture, eclectic decor and exceptional cocktails.


The venue includes a clandestine hidden vault, a decadent lounge bar, and The Attic; a stunning dining room and bar ideal for private dinner parties, all in addition to The Parlour bar, which serves up some of the best cocktails in the city and an outdoor terrace overlooking the city centre.

Visit our website and book your table here.


Quay Head House 

Colston Ave



Tel: 0117 929 4429

Following the runaway success of Hyde & Co, the second venue in the old Merchant’s House, The Milk Thistle, opened to much anticipation in 2011. Spread across four floors in one of the city’s most impressive buildings the bar fast gained a reputation as the bigger, slightly more raucous sister of Hyde & Co with the same unique style and meticulous attitude to great cocktails and exceptional service.

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