Covid update: Six - it's the magic number (for now)

Since we reopened our venues back in July we’ve learnt a lot...From confirmed Covid cases to navigating track and trace, all of us in the hospitality industry have had to adapt, learn and react to the ever changing regulations to keep you guys and our teams safe and well.

Last week’s announcement that social gatherings have been limited to no more than six people as of Monday 14th September is another change for us all to deal with, so in the interest of keeping everything clear we felt now would be a good time to round up our policies.

The numbers

Up until now the guidelines have varied, including allowing larger groups from two households to meet, but as of the 14th September this is changing. The maximum number of people who can meet, irrespective of whether they’re from two or more households is 6 - this has also now been made law, meaning anyone not following this can be fined £100.

Social distancing

Hospitality is all about ensuring people having a good time, and we totally appreciate that after months in lockdown everyone is happy to see each other. So whilst we never want to ruin anyone’s fun, we do have to be hot on making sure people are observing social distancing when they’re visiting. It might be tempting to hug your friends when you see them, especially when the drinks are flowing, but if we’re all going to do our bit we all need to be mindful of minimising physical contact where we can.


As detailed in the Government's announcement, groups of up to 30 can still meet for weddings, funerals and in other instances such as at work and school. With other events, where groups are visiting our venues for specific events we’ll be enforcing the legal restrictions of maximum groups of six and we’ll also be implementing additional distancing between tables and ensuring there’s plenty of hand sanitizer on all of the tables, managing numbers visiting the toilets and making sure we operate table service only, as we’ve done since opening.

Before lockdown we laid out everything we were doing to ensure you and our teams are safe visiting and working in our venues in our Covid manifesto. You can take a look and it here and as always, if you’ve got any questions at all please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we’d be happy to have a chat.


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